Rieska and Keskipiste Leader LAGs visit East-Harju Partnership area

On 17 – 18th of August 2017 two Leader LAGs from Finland visited East-Harju Partnership area.

The purpose of the visit was to exchange experiences related with Leader and rural development.

During the visit we introduced our best project examples and had discussions about future cooperation.

Some photos about the visit can be found from our Facebook site: https://www.facebook.com/IdaHarjuKoostookoda/ 

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Põhja-Eesti toit mõisakultuuri festivali raames 20.08.2017

20. augustil 2017 toimub Anija mõisas ja mõisapargis mõisakultuuri festival.

Selle raames tutvustame ka Põhja-Eesti kohalikku toitu. Ootame Põhja-Eesti kohaliku toidu ettevõtteid registreeruma. Märgise omanikel on võimalik saada koostööprojekti “Põhja-Eesti kohalik toit” raames omale tutvustus- ja müügipind Põhja-Eesti toidu märgise alal (kulud kaetakse projekti eelarvest).

Põhja-Eesti kohaliku toidu alale tulevatel ettevõtjatel on kohustus tutvustada vajadusel ka Põhja-Eesti toidupärimust ning piirkonna teiste ettevõtjate toodangut.

Mõisakultuuri päevadest:

Anija mõisa esialgsest nimetamisest on möödunud 535 aastat, seoses sellega on mõisad oodatud ennast Mõisakultuuri festivalil tutvustama, toimub talurahva laat jm põnevat, rahvast oodatakse uudistama.

20. augustil 2017 kell 10 algab Mõisakultuuri festival, kus toimuvad mõisakultuurile omased loengud kõrgelt hinnatud spetsialistide esituses;
toimuvad töötoad;
ekskursioonid nii hoonetes, pargis kui uuel õpperajal;
kuuleb erinevat muusikat;
toimub moedemonstratsioon;
toimub talurahva laat jm põnevat.

Sündmus on rahvale tasuta!

Mõisate ja kauplejate registreerimine 6. augustini 2017.

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Participation in FOCUS project

Ede Teinbas from LAG Western-Harju Partnership and Tiina Sergo from LAG East-Harju Partnership attended the second seminar of the international cooperation project FOCUS “Stimulating new forms of active civic participation through focus on Social and Solidarity Economy.”
The seminar took place in Agia, Greece on 2 – 7th of July 2016.
The project was funded by Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) program “Europe for Citizens” and it includes 14 partners from EU countries (Greece, Portugal, Croatia, France, Italy, Spain, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Estonia).
The leading partner of the project was Agia municipality in Greece.

The goal of the seminar was to exchange best practices in the field of social entrepreneurship and citizens’ activity. Just as important was also sharing ideas between participants from different EU countries, exchanging contacts and finding new possible project partners.

From Estonian side, Tiina and Ede both made a presentation on the seminar where they introduced their areas and organizations, projects related to social entrepreneurship carried out in their areas and also project examples about supporting citizens’ participation.

The participants of the seminar had wonderful opportunity to get aquainted with Larissa area and Agia municipality (including local Leader Action Group in Larissa area) and learn about their experiences with using EU funds, examples about local initiatives and also some local sights.
The region has varied tourism potential – there are sea, mountains, archaelogical sites and strong cultural traditions. The Agia municipality itself consideres active local community as their most important resource. The goal for the running year is to clean and mark local hiking trails, make photos of the trails and create maps for tourists. This is all planned with the help of local and international volunteers.

More information about the project can be found:



Project information FOCUS

Project FOCUS final conclusion / report

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Cooperation agreement signed

On February 5th 2016 8 Leader Local Action groups (LAGs) gathered in Sagadi manor (Estonia) to be part of an important moment. On the morning of February 5th the first international cooperation agreement involving Estonian LAGs was signed.

The cooperation project involves 8 LAGs from 3 different countries (Estonia, Finland, Latvia). The project itself is aimed at development of microenterprises on the countryside. The main goal is to use international cooperation to help entrepreneurs to develop their products / services and marketing skills.

In addition to the entrepreneurs the project also includes young people interested in entrepreneurship as a special target group.
The main innovative element and also the biggest challenge of the project is organising an international exchange between at least 88 rural companies from 3 countries. During the exchange the entrepreneurs have a chance to spend time in each others organisation. in cooperation new development activities and possibilities for common marketing possibilities are discussed.
In addition to the exchanges also different seminars, workshops and study visits for entrepreneurs will be carried out during the project period.

Representatives of the Estonian Ministry of Rural Affairs, Estonian National Rural Network and local media were also present and witnessed the signing of the cooperation agreement on 5th of February in Sagadi.
Kristine Hindriks from the Ministry of Rural Affairs gave a short presentation about Leader cooperation activities and legislation. She also expressed hope that the new cooperation project will be successful. Previous to the signing of the agreement, Kristine Hindriks had also looked through the draft of the agreement and gave “green light” to signing.
Having the representatives from the Ministry of Rural Affairs and NRN present, the cooperation partners from Finland and Latvia were eager to ask questions about Estonian legislation regarding the international Leader cooperation.
During the signing event all participating LAGs were also able to say few words about the project. The main message was consentaneous: cooperation is essential in development of micro-enterprises.

According to the Finnish LAG representative the project partners trust each other and stressed positively non-existing language barrier.
Latvian LAGs also had only positive words to say about the project. According to the Latvian LAGs one of the problems that made them interested in the cooperation project was that local enterprises to amazing things on local level but unfortunately they are quite often only known in their own community. As one of the actitivies in the project will be mapping local microenterprises, latvians said (with a slight humor) that they hope to find more amazing enterprises in their own region.

After signing the cooperation agreement, each LAG will put together a project application. The project activities will start in summer 2016.

Partners of the cooperation project are 3 LAGs from Estonia (LAG Development Center, LAG East-Harju Partnership, LAG Green Riverland Partnership), 3 LAGs from Finland (Sepra, Linnanseutu and Pirkan-Helmi) and 2 LAGs from Latvia (Liepaja and Lielupe).

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New LEADER legislation approved

Estonian Ministry of Rural Affairs approved new LEADER legislation on 23rd of October 2015.

The document itself (in Estonian language) can be found: https://www.riigiteataja.ee/akt/127102015011 

Approving the legislation means that Estonian LEADER Local Action Groups (LAGs) can start applying for support to implement their LEADER strategies forthe programming period 2014 – 2020.


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Strategy 2015 – 2022 approved

On 6th of November 2015 the General Assembly of the LAG East- Harju Partnership approved the final version of the strategy fro 2015 – 2022.

On 12th of November 2015 the strategy was submitted for evaluation to the paying agency and Ministry of Rural Affairs. Also application for implementing the strategy was submitted to the Estonian Agricultural Registers and Information Board (ARIB, “paying agency”).

ARIB and the Ministry of Rural Affairs have 100 working days to carry out the evaluation procedures.

Expected time for first application rounds is May 2016.


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Results 2007-2013

LAG East-Harju Partnership was established in 2008. The first application round for projects was in 2010 and the last one in 2014.

Between 2010-2014 LAG East-Harju Partnership has:

– implemented 3 measures to achieve the goals of the strategy

– supported 192 projects (projects that have been successfully implemented)

with the sum of ~1,567 mln euros.

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Strategy 2014-2020

East-Harju Partership LAG is currently in processe of preparing new Leader strategy for 2014-2020. The process started in 2014 and will continue in 2015.

East-Harju Partnership will continue with 4 municipalities, having still gained territory and population by two municipalities joining in 2014 (one of the joining municipalities was previously not in our area).

The deadline for submitting the strategy 2014-2020 is 30th of June 2015.

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First application round of 2013

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