Preliminary program*

*will be specified after the number of participants is clear


Day 1 (5.08)

Arrival of the participants.

The participants will arrive during the day (depending on their flights / ferry schedule etc).

After arrival, hints, guidance and different tasks to be completed is given to the participants. The participants will have to find their way to a given destination, using public transportation (some pocket money for public transportation tickets will be needed).

12 -18 – arrival to the destination (~1h from Tallinn). Some free time, activities for those who wish to explore the neighborhood.

In the evening, transportation to the accommodation site will be organized.

20.00 Welcome dinner, getting to know each other. Evening activities.

Day 2 (6.08) Visiting the area of LAG Partners

Different organisatsions will be visited.

Adventure park visit.

Evening activity: Sauna experineces (diferent saunas, introduction of sauna culture in participating countries)


Day 3 (7.08) Adventure day in eastern Estonia

Eastern Estonia is a wonderful and diverse area in estonia. it has different nations, many industrial areas (coal-mining is one of the things this area is known for). we will be exploring this area closer, to get the idea of how diverse a small country can be.

Visiting different adventurous activities in eastern Estonia (mining park etc).

Evening activity: making fire outside, introducing traditional dances and games from each country.

Day 4 (8.08)

After breakfast departure to East-Harju Partnership area.
East-Harju Partnership area is closer to tallinn. although near to the city, it has very rural villages, nature tourism areas, some natural heritage sites and very interesting community activities.

On 8th of august we will have Nature Tourism themed day.
We will be Staying at Viking Village.

Different tasks to be completed by groups.

Evening activity: presentations from participants. Photos and videos.

Day 5 (9.08)

Visiting villages and municipalities in East-Harju Partnership area. as villages now offer several services, we will find out how different villages operate. this will be related to smart villages theme – we will have a workshop about smart villages and possibilities the villages could do to improve local services and attract new inhabitants.

We will be comparing different operation models.
Evening activity: presentations from participants.

Day 6 (10.08)

Leisure activities. We will discover how to spend free time in the area like locals.

Evening activity: Final event – presenting photos and videos, having final party with all participants.


Day 7 (11.08)

Visiting Tallinn (for those who wish to do so), departure of participants (according to the flights and ferry Schedule).